Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!!

Hi Friends!

So today is a special day here in Canada. It's Canada Day! I feel so fortunate to be a canadian citizen and be part of this amazing country. I came to Canada 8 years ago and let me tell you it was a culture shock, but so glad that this country gave me the oportunity to make my dreams come true. So to celebrate this awesome day we  are having a blog hop to see all the creations of our fellow canucks. Feel free to hop from blog to blog and leave your comments and/or follow the blogs!

Happy Canada Day!! :)

Here are the links for the other blogs so you can see their creations. If you would like to join the blog hop from the beginning, start with the first link. The are going to be some prices along the way so you don't want to miss the oportunity to win some! Oh and last but not least; you don't have to be canadian to follow the hop just join us and enjoy the ride!!

I hope you all enjoy! (this is me!)


  1. Love the card! Became a follower-

  2. Lovely card! Perfect red, too!

  3. So wonderful Martha ! If I remember correctly you said you immigrated from Cuba, right ? Are there alot of cubans in Canada ? Love your projects :)

  4. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments!!
    Alex...there are a lot of cubans here in Canada. They are spread all over the country!!! just like in the States! lol

  5. Happy Canada Day!
    I love your card! It's so neat and crisp looking. I love that font too!
    I'm part of a Canada Day Blog Hop too! I'd love for you to check us out (if you haven't already)at It's too bad we all didn't know about each other before hand!

  6. Great card!!!! I have to agree with kate it is so crisp looking.. and I love the font also....

  7. thats so cool, the paper in the center makes it appear 3D very cool. Haooy Canada Day!!!!


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