Saturday, May 29, 2010

MPS' Father's Day Challenge and Expression

Hello Everyone!!
I'm sooo excited to enter this challenge. It is my very FIRST challenge eveeeer! I have never been brave enough to enter one before so I would like to see what this one brings! Even if I don't win, I'd love to see what everybody creates!

Good luck everyone! :)


  1. Thank you very much! I really like how it turned out. This is my very first manly layout ever! lol

  2. Hola
    Gracias por tu comentario, tu tambien haces cosas muy lindas.
    Sabes, tenemos otra cosa mas en comun , mi hija tambien se llama Isabella.
    En que parte de alberta vives?

    Buena Suerte en el Challenge!!!!

  3. lol that is actually funny that our daughters names are the same. It's a beautiful name isn't? and why I'm still "speaking" English? lol. I live in Brooks...a small town 2hrs east of Calgary.

  4. Love this card this is really cute.
    I agree with you this is very addictive. I started slow in 2008. Then in the fall of 2009 my addiction started in full swing and has not stopped.
    Your daughter is a cutie.


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